Asset Management

Death is a difficult topic to talk about. But when we live our entire life working and acquiring assets, the last thing we want is to be a burden for our loved ones upon our passing because we did not plan properly while we were alive. At Kallas Legal, we take special care in helping you take inventory of what you have in assets, talk about where you are in life and where you expect to go, and what the best legal entity we can create for you to protect you and your assets and help distribute those assets upon death.

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How We Can Help

Our Process of Planning is Customized to YOU

We have created a process to help educate you about your options so that make the best decisions for you and your loved ones.

We develop a personalized service for you by first learning about the specifics of your family situation, your assets, and your individual needs, wants, desires and values. Then after you tell us what your desired objective is, we help provide you all your options and the flat fee for that plan so you can have a peace of mind in knowing you are making the best decision for you and your loved ones.

Annual Asset Review Membership (AARM)

Even after your Plan is created, it still needs to evolve with you as your life changes and as the law changes.

We have designed an Annual Asset Review Membership program to ensure your plan continues to work throughout your lifetime, that your assets are always owned in the right way and that you are able to feel confident calling us with any legal issue without ever worrying about receiving a bill in the mail for hourly fees.

If after reading this you want to make informed, empowered, educated decisions for yourself and the people you love, schedule an Asset Review Planning Session today!