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About Kallas Legal

Kallas Legal was founded on the basis of making law firm representation accessible with a high-quality level of service to small business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporations in our community.

As small business owners and entrepreneurs ourselves, we have discovered through our experience and extensive market research that the majority of small business owners do not have legal counsel on regular retainer. The primary reason for failing to keep counsel is because of a combination of cost and fear of the unknown. Admittedly, larger firms tend to cater more to the large corporations that are able to pay standard hourly rates which are often out of reach for neighborhood business owners, who are, ultimately, the backbone of our local communities.

To provide access to quality legal counsel, regardless of the size of the entity that initiates our solutions, Kallas Legal offers packages of legal services for fixed, affordable rates. Further, we take great pride in educating and communicating with our clients to demystify any legal concerns.

Without a doubt, we value each client, no matter the size or matter brought forth to us. We care about you and are committed to listening.